Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nothing can break you if you're already broken...

...So, maybe you're wondering "what do you mean by that?" well, let's start at the beginning. There is a band that I was blessed enough to get to know and spend some time with when I worked at a radio station previous to the place I work now. I always have liked their music a lot. One of their songs has a line that goes "You can never break me, I'm already broken."  Another line goes "You can never break this, because it's already broken"... Think about what the Bible says about being broken before God. There are so many things that can break us... It could be a failed relationship, it could be a health situation, it could be the loss of a very close and dear loved one, it could be just a personal battle you maybe facing... Or, it could be all of these combined. By being broken before Christ, it may be a hurtful time in our lives, but when we reach that point in which we are so broken that we kind of hit rock bottom, that when we see Jesus take what's broken and make something beautiful out of our lives. I still say that he's working on that with me... However...I feel like I have such a long way to go, you know? Well, going back to the original idea of being broken, we need to go before God with a broken heart so he can rebuild us the way he wants..You see, when we let this happen (yes, that means actually GIVING CONTROL OVER TO JESUS) that's when things change. When we're broken, the things of this life can't break us... The cancer can't break us...The heartbreak can't break us... The agonizing worry about the future CANNOT BREAK US... The career can't break us, because we're already broken before the lord, surrenderring everything to him, letting him take our lives and turn them into something that we've never seen before. I think it's all part of this journey that we take with Jesus.
That's the thing...My journey has been kind of a mixture of happy and sad over the past few weeks. At work, I have received new responsibilities which I am very happy about. One of those responsibilities is now, I am one of the people who travel to our other Owned and Operated Radio Stations to produce that market's SHARE Event. We just got done with all of our SHARE 2011 events, and beside working in Chicago, Lee, Julie, Phil, Roy, Bruce and I had the privilidge of working in the Quad Cities for the SHARE 2011 event at WDLM. Basically, Lee and I traded of shifts all week as we produced the 4 day program. It was an amazing experience to watch how god works. The week I was there it was so great to fellowship with the existing airstaff there, as well as a couple people from our florida stations who came up to help. It really was like a family get together. As the week went on, I just got a little sad because Angela was on my heart. Sometimes she's on my heart more than others, and this was one of those situations in where I was thinking about her, and I really miss her. Anyway, I was driving the Moody SUV back to Chicago when the week was over, and as I was driving, I felt sad, but very encouraged. I felt encouraged, because I just came off a week of being around amazing and talented christians who are doing big things for the lord. I felt sad because I was missing angela. However, The missing of Angela couldn't break me, because I see little ways all of the time how the lord is slowly taking something broken like me, and turning it into something beautiful. If you let yourself be broken before the lord, the storms of this life can't break you, because you're already broken.. Hope that made sense.. :)
Wow... A lot has happened since I last talked to you. I think I've bored you long enough so I'll save all that for next time. On a random note, I'm thinking about teaching drum lessons again so if you, or anyone you know are interested, send me an email. Outside of that, WMBI is great! Praise and Worship Channel is Great!! Ministry of the Month is Great!!! On a side note, I have been producing some pre-recorded interviews for the Morning Ride with Mark. As I've been working on these in the studio, I realized how talented the morning team is. If you haven't recently, give the Morning Ride a listen. They're on from 5-9. During that time, you also just might hear ministry of the month... :-) not that I'm trying to promote that piece..  Ha!
Oh yeah...I am going to start drumming again. It might be with Chad, it might be something else...All I know is that I really miss playing out. :)  I'll keep you posted. OK... I'm tired, and I've bored you long enough... Keep in touch, okay?

"...I waited patiently for the lord, he inclined and heard my cry...He lifted me out of the pit, out of the miry clay and I will sing a new song..."