Friday, June 8, 2012

...OK....Here's a novel for you.... :)

Well, let me first start out by saying HI!!!  :)   that sounds kind of weird, I know. I say that because if you're reading this, you probably know a little about what's been going on over the past 5 years. Let's recap...shall we?  :)
2007- The year started pretty crazy..I was engaged, working as afternoon drive host for 105.3 The Fish in Milwaukee. On weekends (and occasional week nights) I was doing on air shifts for 101.9 The Mix in Chicago....OK...This is when things get interesting In the winter of 2007 My sister Angela gives me the news that will INSTANTLY change my life forever...She has cancer..A very aggressive form of breast cancer..oh, and by the way, as she found this info out, she was 6 months pregnant with my now 5 year old nephew Luke..Everything changed...Chemo treatments, taking care of Ang when Steve (my brother in law) couldn't leave work..Picking the kids up, spending time with the kids because Ang didn't have the energy...Yeah..It was a rough winter/spring. Summer of 2007, I was the emcee every friday night for the 105.3 Fish Family Stage in Waukesha. The original plan was to have bands play every friday..Well, towards the beginning of the season (these happened every friday night all summer) one of the bands cancelled at the last minute. The producer tells me that he knows of this christian solo artist named Chad James who would be really excited to fill in. I said sure....The night came when chad would play. I didn't know him at all, but after I introduced him and listened to his set. I knew there was something special about his ministry. That was the night Chad and I became friends..So, the entire summer, chad was busy going back and fourth to nashville working on his debut CD "Strong". We kept in touch all summer, and then it just so happened the last band scheduled for the last night of Friday Night Live couldn't play, so we just thought it would be fun to just play a bunch of his music as well as some well known christian songs. After that show, I remember saying "Hey, let's find a keyboardist and a bassist and start playing worship concerts at local churches in milwaukee.." Honestly, that was the original plan...As 2007 came to a close, Angela was in remission, I got married (when I look back on my wedding...I always remember dancing with Ang, and having the conversation that we had). Things seemed to be really looking up.....And then 2008 began.... In 2008, 105.3 The FISH went away, I got a job at KLOVE, Angelas cancer came back and it was in her breast liver and lungs, and while all of THAT was going on, here's what happened to me...I was driving in my wife's car going from Angela and Steve's back to our apartment on washington street when I had a massive heart attack. I was slouched over in my car, and some kid saw me in my car and dialed 911. when the paramedics got there, I was unresponsive. After they intibated me they had trouble getting a heart beat. I was unresponsive for several miutes, but after several tries, they got a heart beat but my heart kept crashing. When they got me to the OR they finally got a rythm, but put me in a medically induced coma because if I even did survive this, they needed to get oxygen to my brain. They were pretty convinced that either I was not going to be able to get off life support, or if I did, and was brought out of the coma, I would probably be brain dead. Well, I guess God had other plans because I woke up the next day, and my brain was fine. My heart took a massive hit. I was down to like 3% functionality, and I survived..That started the long road back to recovery. Angela passed in 2009. I still can't believe she's gone, you know?  I really really miss her... OK! on to bring some smiles to this story, AND to wrap it up.. OK.. Through a long long road, I now am back to having a normal functioning heart. Lots of excercise, lots of rest, lots of faith.. Last month actually, I got the official test done that showed my heart back up in the normal functioning zone for someone my age. Steve Married Amy. they now have 5 kids and 2 adults in that house...lots of excitiment..lots of laughter..lots of amazing potential....I know Ang would be proud of Ryan Lauren and Luke. Everytime I'm with them I see her..  And it makes me smile..A tear might find itself in there as well, but that's ok. I just wish I could still walk into their kitchen, see her at the sink and hear "hey dude!!"  or "My Brother!!!"
Ok...As for work, I have been at Moody Radio in Chicago for 3 years now. I also do weekends for 101.9 The Mix in Chicago as well.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love what I get to do everyday, and work with the people that I get to work with everyday.
Cari's fine.. Married life is fine. I really love my family...I really look forward to spending time with them.
Now as for Chad James, yes I am still playing with Chad. Earlier in this blog, I told you about our first gig together. Well, between then and now, the lord has taken us on this journey that has allowed us to open up for many many contemporary artists, play churches and retreats and by doing so really get to learn about people's stories, and what God is doing through Chad's music. We have had the priviledge of playing events for Minnesota Teen Challenge a couple of years in a row, which was just awesome. Speaking of awesome, we will be opening for Chris Tomlin this August at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee. Tickets are on sale now. To learn more, you can go to Hopefully you can make it! The cool thing is this year, when you buy a ticket to the concert, that same ticket also gains you admission to the fair as well.Here's the thing..Through everything you just read...It is proof to me that God has a plan for you, me, everybody. I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but it's true. I think a lot of times we go through these significant moments in our lives when we really don't know how important they are until we see them behind us. It's like that song that goes  "It happens in a blink, it happens in a flash, it happens in the time it takes to look back I try to hold on tight but there's no stopping time, tell me what is it I've done with my life? On a parting note...Think about this....Maybe you thought by this stage in your life you would have traveled more...Gotten Married...had more kids....had any kids...had that house....had that car....had that thriving business...had that degree...gotten that promotion... If any of these apply to you, you're not alone...Hey, SMILE. God has a specific plan for you, and he's carrying out that plan as you read this. He created everything, and nothing suprises him. He knows what's going to happen, and he walks with you every step of the way. God has you where you are for a purpose, so enjoy where you are. Be happy with who you are. Treasure the moments that you get to spend with family, friends, and co workers. Oh, and by the way....Have a great weekend!!!!

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