Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So, should I call this chapter one??

You know what's weird? As I was setting up this blog thing, I realized that I had attempted to start writing a blog back in June of 2008. I never got around to writing or posting anything. At the time, life was so incredibly different..I mean that in so many different ways.. Since then, I went into cardiac arrest, died, went into a coma, had a conversation with god, he brought me back, then, I was battling some major issues with my heart that lasted about a year. During that year, I  lost my sister to breast cancer. We were 2 and a half years apart. She left behind my brother in law, my now 3 year old nephew, my 11 year old nephew and my 9 year old niece. Over the past few years, I've wanted to tell people about the things I've gone through..How it felt, and how it feels today.. The thing is, I don't want it to sound like it's all about me me me..I don't know..I just kind of think that maybe writing things down might mean something, and it might help minister to someone else. Yes..I am a Christian..I have this personal relationship with Jesus that is a work in progress every single day (sometimes it feels like every single minute..)
In spite of all the things that have happened to me and my family, I am very very blessed. I have a career that I absolutely love and thank God for all the time. I work for 90.1 WMBI Moody Radio in Chicago..What do I do there? :)  Let's see..I am the Production Director, I am the host of "Ministry of the Month", I do a majority of the Imaging for the station, and I also am ther afternoon host for our HD and online Praise and Worship Channel.. I love every aspect of Moody..I love the work, I love the fellowship, I love the fact that the Lord uses people like me to reach others for him.. That is such a priviledge that I think about alot. We have the best staff that anyone could ask for. We really are a family.. However, let's go back to what I was just telling you about how the Lord, for some reason, has allowed me to do this kind of work for his kingdom.. It is a very humbling thing. You know, I think of the lines to this particular song that goes "You know my name, you know my story, but still you've taken on the world just for me..And I am amazed that you hear me speaking, listening close to every word I say...Who am I to be loved this way?"   I think about that often.... "Who am I to be loved this way?" You'll find that I quote lyrics from songs often.. To me, there is something so amazing about music..It can say things that nothing else can.....Okay...I've probably bored you long enough...Now, here's the thing...I am going to really try to keep this thing up to date....Notice that I said the word "try". I will leave you with these words ( I know...More song lyrics..) "I waited patiently for the lord, he inclined and heard my cry..He lifted me up out of the pit, among the miry clay and I will sing..Sing a new song."   Thanks for reading this...God bless!! 

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